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I have nothing but WONDERFUL things to say about Tanya and Balance. I have had quite a few "facials" before, but it wasn't until I found Tanya (here on yelp) that I realized that whatever I was having done before was mostly just a moisturizer and facial massage...not really results-based.

I've had facials before, and they were similarly priced, but I noticed  that all that they would perform on me were just a few hydrating masks, a moisturizer and a simple scrub- Oh....and of course, the standard neck massage.

Yup, it felt nice, but what I got from Tanya was was practically medical-strength stuff (microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, and several other treatments and much I can't even remember all of it), with the added bonus of the ambiance and the massage. LOVED every second of it...even with the slight pain of some of the treatments. She made it super relaxing and fun!!

Tanya has glowing, youthful-looking, and luminous skin...but her personality shines equally brightly. There is a sweetness, charm, and honesty about her that is apparent right off the bat. She also is very knowledgeable about what she is doing and it shows.  I have seen her twice now, and I feel like my skin hasn't glowed like this in years! I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family. She is amazing!

Jaime B

have to say that the best facials I have ever recieved are from Tanya at Balance. She knows so much about skin and caters her facials to fit you. I love the feel of the office, its warm and relaxing.
Tanya is professional and kind- someone you feel comfortable with with your skin!

Heather K

Tanya is the best!  I had the most amazing experience at Balance.  The room was cozy, private, quiet, and charming.  Tanya greeted me warmly, introduced herself, took the time to listen to my problems, and thoroughly explained  what she thought would work best for me.  She wanted to make sure I fully understood and was happy with what she suggested.  

Her treatment was heavenly!!  I wanted it to last forever.  After about 90 minutes (during which she NEVER left the room), I was sorry to have to get out of the bed as every part of my body was totally relaxed......

She never pushed products on me; in fact, she actually REFUSED to sell me anything until I have tried it. She gave me samples to use at home so that I can see first how and if I like the products she is recommending.  
As if this was not amazing enough, she even called later to remind me to apply some Abreva around my mouth because I'm prone to cold sores.  She actually was thinking about me even after I'd left, and took the time to look up my phone number and make a call!  I was so impressed.  She is a genuinely caring professional.

Robbie W

I am a definite cynic on beauty treatments, and even bonafide health treatments. After too many disappointments and money down the drain, I am tough to convince and avoid buying promises. Balance and Tonya are the only skin specialists I trust, and I mean only.

The magic of Balance is a combination of the treatments, the products and Tanya herself. I call Tanya the Skin Warrior. She is a good skin evangelist who would pull people off the street to help them to have better skin if she could. Most of us start out with perfect skin, so what happened? Tanya wants us all to go back to that point in time where our skin was happy and shows it. She understands that everyone is different and respects what an individual has to say about their own skin (what a concept). At the same time, do not expect Tanya to pull any punches. She knows skin. She likes skin. She wants YOUR skin to look its best. :)

The treatments are professionally done and show results - YAY! I have only ever gone under Tanya's hands, but I imagine anyone she vouches for will also do an excellent job. I am 43 and the ol' skin is showing its displeasure at some of my habits, past and present. After a session with Tanya, I would swear I get some second glances of "appreciation"... pretty nice when you are at the point of considering Botox, etc... and at Balance, I am actually doing something good for my skin.

Go to Balance and make your skin happy again.

Louis G

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